Market Survey and Research

Market Research & Survey Service

We answer questions about service markets and landscapes, target population profiles, and unmet community needs

We provide reliable and meaningful information about organizations’ focal populations, stakeholders, funding, service, and policy landscapes so that organizations can make informed decisions about programming, resource allocation, and advocacy strategies that further their goals.

 We bring wide-ranging methodological expertise, connection to the community, and a passion for learning to our research engagements. Our engaging reports and participatory discussions about the findings will leave you with new insights and inspiration to confidently make data-driven decisions. 


While each study is unique, most engagements involve four phases:

Phase 1: Develop Research Questions.  We start by helping you clarify what you want to know, why you want to know it, and how you will use the information.

Phase 2: Identify Metrics and Measurement Plans. Bizzy will work with your organization to identify the metrics that will be used to answer your research questions. Once we are clear on the information you need and how you will use it, we craft a customized research design and measurement tools.

Phase 3: Conduct the Research. We have expertise in a wide range of research methods and designs:

  • Organizational assessments: We draw on standardized as well as customized tools and engage stakeholders in a systematic process to understand organizational strengths and areas for development.
  • Needs assessments: We employ a broad array of research methods—from analysis of service use data to in-depth interviews—to provide reliable information on how to best serve a given population.
  • Landscape studies: We examine the field within a given sector or geographically-based location to understand assets, gaps, and areas of strength and development that can form the basis of calls to action to advance that sector or field.
  • Market assessments: We conduct research to understand an organization’s environment and identify its unique niche in order to capitalize on the most significant and sustainable opportunities.
  • Population-based surveys: We use sampling procedures and survey approaches to assess the prevalence of community characteristics, needs, attitudes and perceptions.

Whatever the design, we collect the data necessary to answer the research questions, rigorously analyze the data, and prepare engaging products to communicate the findings.

Phase 4: Facilitate Reflection and Learning. With results in hand, Bizzy expertly facilitates a process to help organizations make meaning of the data in a way that informs decisions and actions to strengthen the work of their missions.

Bizzy is disciplined, methodical, and responsive approach to research will leave you with data you can trust. We love seeing what our clients can do with this kind of actionable information! 

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