Generator Power Booster To Power (Iron, AC, Freezer, Microwave) With Small Generator

Good News!!! How would you feel if you no longer wait for NEPA OR PHCN, Whatever their name is just to iron your clothes for that special event. Say Goodbye to rumple clothes with this unique Generator Power Booster. With your smallest size of the generator, you can now power your iron, microwave, blender and small fridge. with a bigger gen you can power more heavier loads, you can also use it with your PHCN to reduce your power consumption.

It does not increase your fuel consumption either does it affect your generator in any way
It only removes the pressure from your high appliances and makes your generator works smoothly.

This Generator power booster can carry your heavier appliances like irons, industrial steam iron, refrigerator, freezers, pumping machine, microwave, aluminum cutting machines, and dryer.

It has power control knob that helps you to set the power appropriately for your load. This booster also comes with both 15 amps and 13 amps output outlets to fit to that your special appliances.
It does not affect your generator in any way it only remove the pressure from your appliances and makes your Generator to work better and last longer.

You can also use it with PHCN light as it reduces your energy consumption and makes you pay less bills.

It serves as a regulator between your generator and your appliances.

1. Easy to use. Just plug the booster to your generator outlet and plug your heavy load to your booster directly.
2. Have no negative effect on your generator sets.
3. Does not increase fuel consumptions.
4. Very cheap and affordable.
5. You use it to plug your electric iron and boiler to your small generator without any effect on your Gen.

1. Put on your generator.

2. adjust it and make sure it is in good working condition.

3. Connect your generator booster to any outlet of the generator source.

4. Adjust your generator booster power to match your particular load, check the body of the booster for various settings.

5. Finally plug your load to your generator booster output and enjoy.

Order Details


5000 Watt: N25000

2500 Watt: N15000

1 – 5 Days (Anywhere in Nigeria)

Return Policy: We only accept product back if not damaged by usage



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