Learn How to Speak French Language Fluently

Speak French Language Fluently

Learn French with practical, real-life situations! Simple, fast and easy learning. Speak French language with confidence.

If you have always wanted to learn French, you’re nowhere near alone; millions of people study the language every day around the world. And it’s no wonder! French is a language that captures a rich culture and history. The French language can take you around the world, from Europe to Africa to North America and even to the islands of the Caribbean.

But you might have a lot of questions about why you should learn French or what it takes to get started — or why it’s even worthwhile at all. The good news is you can rest assured that learning the French language is an effort worth undertaking. With the right technology to guide you in your journey, you’ll see your efforts pay off in so many ways.

Why Learn French?

Learning any new tongue is a challenge that can open up your mind to new perspectives and help you connect with all types of people across boundaries of land and language. When it comes to learning French, these reasons are especially true.

To start, if you know the French language, you open yourself up to a whole world of French speakers that spans continental borders. There are slightly more than 300 million people on Earth who speak French to some degree, making it the sixth most spoken language worldwide. It’s the official language of 29 countries, the most of any language behind English (and it’s also the second most studied language worldwide behind English!).

Benefits Of Learning French

Picking up a new skill can help you express your creativity, stimulate your mind, and discover new sides of yourself along the way. Learning a new language like French is no exception! Here are just a few of the many ways you can make a positive impact on your life if you learn French.

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  • Learn French For Travel — When the spirit of adventure strikes, don’t let language barriers hold you back. When you have French in your back pocket, you have a passport to a whole new world. Learning French not only means you’ll be able to navigate new cities by reading road signs, menus, and train tickets; it also lets you connect with the new people you meet there. It’s often said that the best way to explore a new place is through the eyes of a local, and learning French lets you branch out of tourist hotspots and into the real world as the native speakers see it. Whether it’s the rocky beaches of Brittany or the romantic streets of Paris, you’ll be more equipped to venture off the beaten path and explore all the excellent food, world-class wine and inexhaustible country charm France has to offer when you have French in your linguistic repertoire.
  • Live The French Language Abroad — Whether you’re looking to enroll at a foreign university and have a more alternative college experience, find a job at a hostel that lets you hit the beach by day and work at night, or retire in a place with a slower pace of life, living abroad is hands down the best hands-on approach to getting the most immersive language experience possible. By placing yourself in an environment where you’re obligated to speak French, you’ll fast-track your journey to fluency. Your life can take on new twists and turns when you move to an unfamiliar place, and there’s so much of the French-speaking world to explore. When you learn French, you open up a gateway to a robust, colorful, and novel life adventure!
  • Build Your Business French Skills — Today the world is more connected economically than ever before. The sweeping tides of globalization mean that companies and organizations today are operating across international borders and boundaries. If you’re a professional looking for ways to stay competitive and current in the global market, learning French is a no-brainer for success. Western Europe and the African continent are both emerging markets full of opportunity for businesses. Learning the French language is a fantastic way to connect with colleagues in other countries, score new clients, build strong relationships with French-speaking partners and investors, and to show off the multicultural, international, and inclusive nature of your brand.
  • Use Language To Train Your Brain — Building any new skill is a surefire way to expand your intellectual horizons. Learning French is an especially sound way to keep your brain flexible and nimble, especially as you grow older. Picking up a new language involves making connections between words and what they represent, taking apart and putting together grammatical structures, spontaneously speaking and thinking on your feet, sticking with a challenge when it’s frustrating and confusing, and a whole lot of active listening. There are few better ways to exercise your mental muscles than by learning French.
  • Immerse Yourself In French Culture, Unfiltered — Learning French opens you up not only to a better understanding of the language itself but also of the arts and culture of the world that speaks it. To read the literature of decorated French-speaking authors like Victor Hugo, Guillaume Apollinaire, and Charles Baudelaire is to engage with the language in some of its most beautiful and poetic expressions. Through the lens of French you get a more active immersion in more contemporary French-language media like podcasts, radio shows, audiobooks, and TV shows. The stories and recipes of world-renowned culinary creations, the dialogue of famous French films, and the most sweeping currents in French-language journalism all become accessible to you when you learn the French language. And if you’re from a family with French-speaking elders and ancestors but you don’t know the language yourself, learning French is an excellent way to connect with your heritage.

How we offer the Training

  1. The Training is a Private One on One Program provided at your location, either from Home, Office or at one of our Training hub
  2. You will be provided with Learning Materials
  3. You will be given Free Private Mentorship after your training is over
  4. You will be able to speak Fluently after 5 weeks

Lesson Details

Lesson Fee : N65,000

Duration: 5 Weeks (Extendable to 10 weeks)

Requirement: Able to Speak and Read English, SSCE, Work Experience

Learning Center: Abuja

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